I’m Chris, I’m retired now but I have worked in Information Technology for most of my working life. That means I started out in the age of punch cards.

I wrote computer programs on coding forms and we had a couple of card punch operators who entered the code on the forms via a keyboard and the card punch machine then produced the punch cards. The stack of cards were then fed into the mainframe computer to compile and then test the program. You had to be careful to keep the cards in the right order.

Anyway that is in the past and the great thing I love about technology is that it moves so fast and there is always something new and better. Back in the 1980’s we never believed that every home in the western world would have a PC and look at us now, nearly every person in the UK has a smartphone and a tablet or laptop.

Now that I am retired I work as a volunteer for AgeUK to help older people who didn’t grow up with computers to get to grips with their gadgets. Nowadays everything is online and for these people it can be a minefield.

I love playing with computer software and will be making blogs and videos on various topics and I would love you to fill in the form below to let me know if there is a topic you would like help with.