Email tips

Simplify your inbox

The inbox should be precisely that, you deal with emails coming in and do not keep them there

Archive v Delete

Delete everything that you are never going to need or read again. Archive should be used for those emails that you may want to refer to in a month or a year’s time.

Swipe Actions

On your tablet or smart phone you can set swipe actions for each email. For example you can set swiping to the left to delete emails by tapping on the 3 lines at top left and then going to settings and changing the swipe actions.


When writing an email, if you need to get an accent on a letter, using a smartphone or tablet is quite easy, you simply hold down the relevant key (for example the letter a) and a selection of accents will appear above it then slide your finger up to select the one you need.

Using a laptop or computer with a physical keyboard is more complicated. For example to type é you need to hold down ctrl and ‘ then release and type e, there are various other combinations for other accents.


On an iPad or iPhone the mail folders are called mailboxes. To add a new folder, tap ‘back’ on the top left, or it may say ‘mailboxes’. From there tap edit, then the option to add a new mailbox will appear.