What is a Domain?

A domain, or a domain name, is the address used to visit a website. It’s what comes after the ‘@’ in an email address or after the ‘www.’ in a web address. For example, if the complete URL or web address is https://www.one.com/en/email, then the domain name in it is ‘one.com’. As you can see, while domain names and URLs are related, they are not the same. If you think of it as a house, the domain would be the street address, and the URL would be the entire route to the location, including the specific room inside the house.

If you want to set up a simple website then the first thing you will need is a domain name. For example you might want to create a simple website with the name ‘mywebsite’. Chances are that someone else will have already taken that domain name but you can check this here at Name.com. Sure enough this is not available and an alternative ‘mywebsite.host’ is a premium domain name costing around $300. However most domain names will only set you back about $10.

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