ipad tips

How can I send an email with an attachment?

Tap on the top right pencil icon to create a new message and, once you have added the recipient and subject and the cursor is in the message body, you will see a camera icon pop up at the top of the keyboard as well as a document icon. Tap the camera icon to either take a photo or go to the photo library, or tap the document icon to go to the document library then choose the photo/document and it will be added to the email.

How to create an email group

Go to contacts and tap ‘Lists’ in the top left corner, at the bottom you will be able to add a list. Give the list a name then tap on it and tap ‘add contacts’. A list of contacts will pop up or you can search for contacts and tap the circle on the left to tick those to be added. Now tap on ‘done’.

Now when you create your email message and tap on the + at the end of the ‘To’ line you will get the option of ‘lists’ from which you can select the list to which to send the email.

How to create a new email folder

From your email inbox tap on <mailboxes. On the mailbox list tap ‘edit’ at the top then you will see ‘New Mailbox’ at the bottom. Tap on this and give the new mailbox a name then tap ‘save’

add new email folder

Where are my contacts?

The productivity folder looks similar to the icon in the bottom right of this image

If you don’t have the contacts Icon on your home screen or apps screen then you should be able to find it in Productivity. The productivity Icon is a folder that was created when one app was dragged over the other. The folder was auto named based on the App Store category of the apps. Try restarting your phone then move the apps out of the folder again if you need to separate them.