Different types of Smartphone

There are 3 main types of smartphone and the main difference is in their operating system:

1. Android phone

Android is the type of operating system, the brand leader is Samsung, other brands include Motorola, Sony Nokia

Main advantages: many different makes of phone to choose from

nearly all apps can be used

cheaper than iPhones

Android is an ‘open source’ operating system which means that anyone can create apps

Main disadvantages: more complicated and more features than iPhones

Example of Android phone
Example of Android phone

2. iPhone

The iPhone is the phone designed and marketed by Apple.inc. The operating system is IOS

Main advantages: easy to use

many different apps can be used

Main disadvantages: more expensive

devices tend to go ‘out of support’ as Apple control the operating system

proprietary software which means only Apple can change it

example of iphone
Example of iphone

3. Windows phone

Less popular but uses the Microsoft Windows operating system, brands are Lumia and HP.

If you used to Windows PC then you may be attracted by this option but do not go for this because it will soon be unsupported

example of windows phone