Cloud storage providers

The concept of The Cloud is that instead of storing all of your data and computing power locally, you can outsource it to managed cloud service providers. You can run applications, save data, send email, and more using computing power that isn’t stored locally. For example, you may be running short on space on your computer or phone to store photos and large documents. The other benefit is that if your computer or phone is lost or destroyed somehow then everything will be saved and retrievable. Some cloud providers will give you free storage up to a certain limit.

Provided by Microsoft as part of Windows, 5GB provided free, very easy to sync files across different devices

A basic account provides 2GB storage, its easy to share files with others

Google Drive has strong file sharing capabilities, and more free storage space than most competitors—15GB, though that space is shared with Gmail

Apple’s service for providing cloud storage. Stored files can be hared with Apple devices

Prime members get 5GB of storage for “free” with Amazon Cloud Drive for file storage

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